Howie K. Bentley’s tales of sword and sorcery are your ticket to strange worlds filled with barbarians, demons and wizards.

Howie Bentley

His series reminds me of 1970s sword and sorcery along the lines of Karl Edward Wagner or in Swords Against Darkness. There is a very memorable plot and secondary characters. I will remember this story in the future, which is one of the highest compliments I can give. – Morgan Holmes (Castalia House)

Bentley’s prose is good, and his sense of pacing on target. He’s done a good job here, successfully melding mystery, creepy atmospherics, and bloodletting, creating a tale that would be right at home in one of Lin Carter’s or Andrew Offutt’s anthologies. I can’t give a story a better commendation than that. – Fletcher Vredenburgh (Black Gate)

…Where There Is No Sanctuary by Howie K. Bentley is next and it is a real punch in the face. This might be my favorite story in the issue. A werewolf warrior cuts his way through a demonic tower that has fallen out of time. Lots of action, horror, and imagination. This is the type of material that I read Cirsova for. – wastelandandsky.blogspot.com

Pretty sure it gave me nightmares. – Cirsova